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Concerning the Mill property at the South-East corner of the field....

no fly zone

Members are to adhere to the flight procedures as outlined by Ray at the February General meeting. Click here to read and review the correct circuit that we are to adopt. We MUST continue our efforts to keep our models away from the "Mill Property" corner and the circuit provided by Ray should help in this matter. PLEASE READ IT!.


At the June meeting it was decided that we will adopt a Red Flag sytem when required for certain occasions. The system is designed to keep airspace clear when you are conducting a maiden flight or testing a model or for any other particular time when you really should have airspace to yourself for a short time.

To make use of this system just grab the red flag from the club house and place it in the holder at the pilot shade area. You will now have the airspace to yourself during this time. Please return the flag to the club house immediately when complete.


Your intention to enter the flying area MUST be clearly announced. The standard callouts are;

Prior to taking off - Check with other pilots that all is clear
When ready to take-off - "Taking off"
When airbourne - "Strip is clear" or "Airborne"
Low passes - "Low pass" and usually the direction (ie. right to left etc)
Ready to land - "Landing"
Collecting model - "On the strip"
Leaving the strip - "Strip is clear"
Deadstick "DEADSTICK" Priority is given to deadstick landings


Some interesting reading

The Hearse

The best day for flying arrives in the middle of the week. Not a cloud or breeze in the sky. And so the guys are all at the flying field. A while later a hearse and funeral procession drives by.
The gentleman quickly brings in his plane, leaves it where it stops, takes his hat off and breaks into tears showing the most utmost respect as they drive by.
All the club members are frozen in disbelief at the gentleman.
One member blurts out: "You suddenly stop flying for a hearse driving by and break into tears. What has gotten into you?"
The gentleman replies "Oh, my wife, she was such a beautiful and loving woman, God rest her soul."

Ken's Korner

The lastest news from our Grounds and Field Maintanence Chief - Ken.

We need to fix up the shade cloth...again. Still looking into a better solution for attaching the shade cloth but in the interim, more rope will be supplied to hold it down. TIme and date to be advised

Nice work Ken!



Important documents and a few other bits n bobs below.

Mowing Roster

A huge thanks goes to the guys who volunteer to mow the strip, the field and the pit area. Unfortunately the grass does not mow itself but if you can think of a way to make this happen then we are all ears. So, until such time, here's the link to the people we need to thank.

  • Grass duty