Our History

The following information concerning the history of TARMAC is far from complete. We are in the process of piecing together the history of TARMAC and will update this section as soon and as often as possible. In the meantime, here are a few recollections from one or two of the longer serving members of our club.

  • In 1964 TARMAC members were flying model airplanes at a field located in Rockville; a suberb of Toowoomba
  • In order to encourage young potential members, the club ran competitions and offered one year membership to the first 3 place getters. The youngsters had to build a free flight model and the three who could keep their craft in the sky the longest were the recipients of the prize
  • At this time, club meetings were held closer to the CBD in a house off West Street, near Laurel Bank Park
  • Early in the 1970's, some of the members went in search of a new venue and in the process, met a property owner who was willing to allow the group to use a section of her land for modelling. This property, later to be named the Ivy James field, remains the home of TARMAC today
  • The venues for club meetings has changed a few times since the club beginnings. Along with the venue mentioned above, meetings have been held at the Newtown State School, the Toowoomba Town Hall and at the flying field itself
  • In 1998, MAAA purchased the property and granted a long-term lease to TARMAC through the MAAQ, thus ensuring our clubs home well into the future
  • More to follow...


Interested in Membership?

Becoming a member of TARMAC involves just a few minor steps.

  • Click here to open the membership form
  • Fill out your details and pass the form to our secretary or the guys at Wings Over the Downs hobby shop; located in Russell St, Toowoomba
  • Your application will be processed at the next Club General Meeting
  • You will be notified shortly after

Workshop Visits - Social Nights

At various times throughout the year we meet up at a members workshop for a chat and to have a look at what is being built or to see a demonstration of a technique that is being used. There is no pressure on members to volunteer their workshop and no pressure to cater for the group of visitors either. It's just a good, fun, social gathering of our members to discuss all things Radio Control. Great fun!

Safety Rules

For the safety of all members, visitors and property, we have a few rules that need to be followed whenever you are flying at TARMAC.

  • All MAAA/MAAQ rules and regulations must be adhered to
  • We highly recommend that you avoid flying alone
  • Beginners must have a silver or gold wing member assisting them
  • Beginning pilots need to pass a basic safety test before flying unassisted
  • Pilots are to stand in the designated pilot area when flying
  • Pilots are to announce their intention to take-off or land and when the runway is clear
  • Absolutely no flying over the road, the pit area or the car park at any time
  • Pilots are to avoid flying over the South-East corner of our field where our nearest neighbour lives

Our Club Facilities

TARMAC members enjoy a range of very good facilities making the modellers flying experience both convienent and comfortable. Along with our well maintained grass runway we have our club shed, a well shaded and fenced-in pit area with fold-out tables and a toilet block. The shed is connected to an electrical supply so that we can run the usual array of powered kitchen facilities such as a fridge, microwave and kettle. The power also provides opportunity for battery recharging which is much appreciated by the modellers flying electric powered aircraft.

Our runway, the field and the pit area are constantly mowed by a dedicated group of volunteers using club owned equipment. The club also has a built-up entrance road providing access to the carpark in all weather conditions.



Finding the TARMAC flying field is very easy. From Toowoomba, head south on Ruthven St., past Kmart. If coming from this direction, we are off the right side of the road, approx. 14 km from the CBD. (Look for the sign).

The map below shows our exact location and will allow you to find us regardless of the direction you are travelling from. The map can be zoomed in or out using the scroll wheel of your mouse and you can also move the map around by clicking and dragging on it. Clicking the 'View larger map' button in the upper left corner of the map will open a full-screen size view of the map in a new tab in your browser.