A not often modelled magnificent Seafire.

Trevor's stunning F-86D Sabre.

Red Lion racer from Russell's squadron.

Draco bush plane.

The classic Piper Cub looking splendid in white & red trim.

Peter and Andy prepare the Space Walker for flight.

Nice Chipmunk from Rob.

Doug delivers his magnificent Constellation to Sydney.

Robert readies his apprentice as Trevor looks on.

Wots Wot biplane.

Grumman Cats on display.

Ben's beautiful heli.

Ron prepares to fly his brilliant Spitfire.

A beautiful Bell P-39 Airacobra.

Clipped wing cub and Fairchild PT-19 await their turn.

Bill's Ju 87 Stuka coming along nicely.

A magnificent Grumman F7F from Trevor's Hangar.

Peter's stunning Cessna Bird Dog

Ken's next model. 1/4 scale Fokker D.VII

Graham's beautiful new Kodiak

John's Sopwith Pup preparing for Dawn Patrol.

A beautiful RV-8 proudly presented by John.

Just a small sample of Ron's mini squadron.

John and his magnificent Vulcan.

A fine example of a Space Walker. Looks like Ken is preparing for another flight.

A fabulous North American B-25 Mitchell under the command of Pilot Ray.

Graham fires up his Chipmunk for another flight.

John with his beautiful Tiger Moth.

Leigh prepares his Cap 232 for another flight.

A proud builder - Andy with his beautiful Leopard Moth.

Russ and Donna present their Gilmore 'Red Lion' racer.

Peter's magnificent Cessna 310.

Trevor presents a magnificent Grumman F8F Bearcat.

A beautiful Heuy ready for flight.

Dennis and his Vampire.

Sopwith Pup waits in the pit area.

Ray and the pit crew prepare Ol' Oily for another mission.

A magnificient model of the Stuka, proudly flown by Geoff.

Grant, about to put on another spectacular display with his P51D Mustang.

Dave and his beautiful scratch-built Skylark.

Rob's magnificent SE5a rolls out for another dawn patrol.

Paul and his prize winning deHavilland Vampire.

George and his table-full of goodies.

Chris and his beautiful Sbach.

There is something very 'Special' happening in the 'Pitts'.

George & Leo preparing the Phoenix V2 glider for another flight.

Bruce proudly presents his amazing F4 Phantom.

Ken's sensational Pawnee powered by an EME 70cc twin.